Weight Watchers Day 3

So I'm not going to take pictures of my meals every day, I didn't today but I really want to update you all on what I've been eating!

So far today I've just had breakfast and for breakfast today I had....

3 egg whites-1 point
1/2 cup of strawberry yogurt-2 points
1 cup of skim milk-2 points

Later on today I will update you all on what snacks I've had and Lunch and dinner!
I am so happy about this new lifestyle. I haven't gotten to work out yet because well...yesterday I didn't feel too great..and the weather was crummy...and I was just a little lazy bum ;) but today I plan on doing PILATIES! my favorite! So I will also let you all know how that goes..either today or tomorrow..it depends on when I do it whether that be this afternoon or tonight. So thats all for now, I'll update this post later!<3


Weight Watchers Day 1!

So today was the start of eating healthy and such again and being on plan with Weight Watchers. It was so difficult today. I craved chocolate...starburst..cookie dough..cookies...and MORE. it was terrible! BUT I worked through it!! I also cooked dinner for myself tonight instead of having some potpie. Now I'm starting to LOVE cooking my own meals! I must say though..I am very excited about starting this weight watcher journey again and I can't wait to see where I am a few months from now. Tomorrow I think I will start on pilaties and a speed walk on the treadmill :)

Heres todays meals!

Breakfast I had 3 egg whites and a sliced tomato!
only 1 point for the eggs
and 1 point for the tomato

For lunch I had a turkey and tomato sandwich!
5 points
along with a bag of baked lays potato chips
2 points

For a snack I had a sliced apple
1 point
With a tablespoon of peanut butter
2 points

Now onto dinner! I had a salmon fillet
2 points
with mixed veggies
2 points
and a salad with a table spoon of light ranch dressing

and lastly heres my snack for tonight!
a 100 calorie popcorn bag
1 point
with a weight watcher snack cake
1 point
a little salty and a little sweet :)

by the way I can have 25 points a day! I only used 18 points today, I have 7 left! I should be eating all my points..but I will save these and put them in my point bank for a special occasion :)

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